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Market Maestro Academy

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The Market Maestro Academy is the place where traders of all experience levels come to learn and master the craft of trading. With a vast array of learning services and a robust community of rising traders, the Maestro Academy renders an environment conducive of growth and development. If you are determined to take your trading skills to the next level, your place is right here.

Welcome to
Market Maestro Academy

How We Serve You!


Private Coaching

We offer three types of coaching packages for people seeking one on one services. Our sessions provide tailored focus on each trader's  struggle areas. First, we analyze a trader's weakennes. Second, we devise a plan for improvement for the overall purpose of growth, development, and ongoing advancement in trading.


Learn & Earn

We provide traders A+ signals to make money as they become independent in the markets. We also provide chart breakdowns with pre-trade and post-trade analysis, zoom sessions to review charts and ask questions, and a community of rising traders to reinforce drive on the journey to becoming a consistently profitable trader. 


Forex Courses

We provide fundamental and technical analysis training for traders at every stage. Whether you're a beginner with little Forex knowledge or a more advanced looking to enhance your skills, our courses provide value to help you grow. Our beginner’s  & advanced course covers everything you need to go from rookie to professional.

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My name is Jordan!

Jordan Dejoie aka Jordan The Maestro has been trading for over 4 years in the foreign exchange market. Throughout the years, he has accumulated experience and knowledge of proven strategies and skills to help traders become consistently profitable. His background as a college professor makes his teaching style one that is both relatable and effective to traders on all levels. As he continues to find success in the market, his mission is to help as many traders as possible achieve the same levels of success and beyond.

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Aaliyah, NJ

Jordan, I really like the way you break down the charts. I find myself learning so much over this period studying your videos. Thank you!

Chuckwuma, CT

This has to be the most in-depth intro to forex that I have come across. You were very transparent as to how things work in a matter of fact way.

Dietric, NY

Hey Jordan, I appreciate the weekly breakdowns on your Youtube. You helped me become a better trader. I passed phase 1 of the 200k account for The Funded Trader and on the verge of passing phase 2!

Chikenwa, NJ

This is only the beginning. I'm not an expert yet but with Jordan's guidance and hard work I can make it. 2 years in now and it's finally making sense. 

Dietric, NY

Hey Jordan! I made my first 5k day! Once again thank you so much for your wisdom on your Youtube videos. Let's continue building. - 
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