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My Story

Jordan Dejoie aka Jordan The Maestro has been trading for over 4 years in the foreign exchange market. Throughout the years, he has accumulated experience and knowledge of proven strategies and skills to help young traders become consistently profitable. His background as a college professor makes his teaching style one that is both relatable and effective to traders on all levels. As he continues to find success in the market, his mission is to help as many traders as possible achieve the same levels of success and beyond.

Jordan was introduced to trading while looking for opportunities to make capital to build on his real estate investments. He then met a young entrepreneur who introduced him to how he gained his capital through trading forex. From that moment, Jordan became obsessed with the idea of being a profitable trader and today after years of consistency, Jordan is a consistently profitable trader making incredible gains in the market.

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It is a well-known fact that most traders fail and are not profitable. Do you know why that is? One of the main reasons is because many traders lack the necessary discipline needed to find success in the markets. The Market Maestro Enterprises believes in teaching traders the importance of discipline in their trading and connecting them with resources that can aid in improving every trader’s discipline. With discipline as a skill, traders will find themselves that much closer to being consistently profitable.



You are what you repeatedly do. Consistency is not only an essential element to finding success in trading, but it's necessary for success in any endeavor. Yet, as simple as the concept is to understand, its application is one of the most challenging.  At The Maestro Enterprises, we believe that developing consistency in trading involves a holistic approach, one where the trader earns consistent wins and implements a consistent trading approach to the market. One thing for certain, consistency--when applied--will have a massive impact on a trader’s performance.


One of the main factors preventing traders from making progress is a lack of accountability. It is very easy to point blame at many external factors when a trader is struggling. However, the truth is it will always be on the trader to take full responsibility for his/her performance and take steps toward making the necessary improvements. At The Maestro Enterprises, we strongly believe that finding success in trading starts with taking full accountability throughout the trading journey. Once a trader is accountable for their mistakes, with the right adjustments he/she will also be accountable for the progress.

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